What video player(s) will I need?

For the videos with the red background, you'll need the FREE RealPlayer, which is available from real.com. It is available for all operating systems, and the video quality will be great. All other videos require Windows Media Player, or something to play wmv files. This is the same format as the demo videos, so if you can see the demo videos, you'll be just fine.

How detailed are the explanations?

Instead of just telling you the secret, we go into detail in each of the tricks so that you will not only be able to perform the trick, but you'll also learn all the subtle details that help make each of these magic tricks more convincing and memorable.

Why Video Instructions?

Remember that with video instructions (compared with regular printed instructions) is that you won't have to fumble through reading all the little sleight of hand moves that someone has tried to describe -- you can just watch the video and learn the trick.

Other places might have video demos, but then when you download the trick it's often just a pdf or ebook. Every single magic trick at Magic Trick Videos comes with a detailed VIDEO explaining the secrets, the sleight of hand moves, and what to say and do while you do the trick. We also will explain the little details that help make the trick a success.

Are the magic tricks easy to perform?

Yes, many are easy to perform... But remember, all magic tricks take practice, and you will need to practice them all in front of a mirror. The One Handed Shuffle does take a lot of practice. BUT knowing how to shuffle with only one hand is a skill you'll use the rest of your life! Some of the tricks you'll be able to perform after just practicing one or two times. Others may take a little longer to remember each step.

If you have a question about a particular trick, please ask us about the difficulty level. Some of the newer tricks will take a few hours of practice to get good at, while others can be learned in just a few seconds.

What do the tricks require?

Dollar to Hundred requires a special gimmick. It can be bought at any magic shop for just a few dollars. Other tricks may require everyday household items, and all tricks require practice to make them look great.

How do I order?

Use the "Add to Cart" button to add each item to your shopping cart. Then click checkout and it will take you to PayPal. PayPal is 100% Secure and Easy to use. We also use them for our Credit Card processing. Remember, PayPal is owned by Ebay and is one of the largest credit card processors.

After you pay, you'll be taken to a page that has links to the videos for all the tricks you ordered. You'll also receive a link to download the explanations in your email. Just save the videos to your computer to watch again and again. Pause. Play it in slow motion. Rewind. It's just like getting personalized magic lessons from a real magician!

What else do I need to know?

Okay, no one really asks this question, but we just wanted to let you know we will be adding new tricks soon, and if you do order today, you'll be the first to know of the new tricks! Remember to practice a few times in front of a mirror before showing your friends. Warning: Once you perform a snap change and shuffle the deck with one hand, your friends may never want to play cards with you again!

Who is that in the videos?

Scott Henderson, a professional magician who works mainly in the Kansas City area, but has performed magic all around the midwest. All the tricks have been audience tested and get Scott's seal of approval.

Questions? Comments?

We really would love to hear from you if you have any questions about anything! We usually respond pretty quick! Or, just drop us a note to tell us how much you love the magic trick videos! info@magictrickvideos.com

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